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Saturday March 6, 2010 - Saturday March 28, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday March 6, 2010 | 7-11PM

In recognition of the undeniable energy that exists within this burgeoning artistic community of the Tenderloin and in attempt to amalgamate the artists living & working in the neighborhood Gallery Heist presents So Much Is Burning. The title of the show was inspired by William Taylor's book, "So Much Is Burning" William Taylor is a local poet living and working in the Tenderloin. His poetry and stories have appeared widely in the small press and on the internet. He is the author of numerous chapbooks and his work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

On Saturday March 6, the gallery will be transformed with a full instillation. Artists participating in the exhibition include: Coro, Mike Giant, David Young V, Satyr 1, Brad K. Alder, Megan Wolfe, Anil Duran, Matt Granberg, Akira Beard, Helen Bayly, C3, Nolan Yelonek, Hugh Leeman, Aaron Lawrence, Shaun Roberts, Rex Waters, Micheal Mason, and Greg Speck. Also included in the show are the owners of EVER GOLD gallery; Andrew McClintock, Alex Braubach, Greg Ito, and Christian Ebert all graduates of SFAI.

So Much Is Burning presents a closer look into the infamous inner city neighborhood of San Francisco's Tenderloin and the Artists that are choosing to inhabit this 50 block radius. There are neighborhoods that have in the past managed to attract creative minds that together formed communities that went on to make history. The "TL" is no exception it is well known for its obvious characteristics drug addiction, homelessness, crime, prostitution, and vandalism, the vary characteristics that inspire and allow these artists to live in San Francisco. However many outsiders are unaware of its diverse artistic history and the large artistic community living within the Tenderloin today. The neighborhood is home to numerous artists many of which have exhibited through out the world in both solo and group shows and continue to challenge traditional techniques while pushing contemporary issues and gaining international recognition. "So Much Is Burning" was curated by Julianne Yates in an effort to honor the neighborhood, expose and support artists living working and transforming the Tenderloin.The show will run through March 28, 2010.


So Much Is Burning