Past Show

The Belly Of The Beast
Installation & Perfomance By Kool Kid Kreyola

On View March 10, 2012 - May 14, 2012

Opening Reception: March 10, 2012 7-10PM

Gallery Heist is excited to announce our first solo exhibition of 2012 The Belly of the Beast, featuring artist Kool Kid Kreyola the conceptual art persona created by Erlin Geffrard. This show marks the beginning of a new direction, in which Heist will focus heavily on exhibitions dedicated to installation and performance art. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, March 10, 2012.

"Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man's nature and of life's potential/" Ayn Rand

By re-appropriating religious, cultural, political and historical allegories and symbolism, Kreyola draws his audience into the Belly of the Beast, an experiential instillation which asks us to contemplate and re evaluate our roles in the dystopian society in which we are born into. While encouraging the viewer and participant to activate and embrace their own divine birthrights.

Erlin's work is an array of multimedia art encompassing music, video performance, craft and painting. Under his guise as Kool Kid Krayola he explores conceptions of identity, race and politics with simplicity and satire. This body of work is a record of life, energy, happiness, hope, and the positive side of humanity. Through satire, Kreyola questions the validity of our social constructs, while acknowledging their existence and offering optimism as a result. With Erlin's performance as Kool Kid Krayola, the acronym KKK offers a new context through the power of parody, which combats contemporary hypocrisy and historical racism.

Born into a Haitian family of Voodoun and Baptist descent, he witnessed the paradox between race and religion within his identity. Kreyola explores what it means to be a young black American, through his work that formed from his relationship with the racial south as a first generation American. Having adopted visual languages from youth culture, Caribbean mysticism, contemporary art, black face and popular iconography. Rarely do we hear the solutions to the problems that artists so commonly present us with, but with Erlin Geffrard, he is multi-disciplined and uses his craft to address these issues and solutions.


The exhibition is open to the public and will be on view from March 10, - April 14,, 2012.