Marrying the animal and the human form, Gaia conjures mysterious figures that carry a heavy sense of mythology and recall a past when man and nature were once united. These romantic creatures stand in relief to the urban environment as they lurk and beckon in the city's forgotten and neglected spaces. The conveyance of their story relies on the chance coincidence with a passerby, and even in that intimate moment, their narrative is precarious and delicate. Gaia works with linocut prints and painted images applied to paper and then mounted as paste ups on the street or on panels for finished works.

CAT & MOUSE  $1,000 BLACK BEAR  $1,000 The Architect $800
The Architect II  $800 Owl  $3,000 Black Bear  $3,000
A New City to Replace the Old: The Hande that Clear and Create  $200 City of Towers  $200 Western Addition
Flag House Courts High-rise  $200 Rooster Head Abstruct I  $1,000
Rooster Head Abstruct II  $1,000 The Tenderloin  $1600